Completing The Jigsaw Puzzle – Soft Cover



This is an easy-to-read book which takes the reader down a pathway of tolerance, acceptance and love, sharing the author’s journey which he feels compelled to share, removing the confusion around many aspects of religion.

A must-read for anyone searching for spiritual guidance and reassurance.

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This book is dedicated to my good friend, Hugh Carden, for sharing a precious gem of information with me, which totally transformed my life. How he changed my life will be explained later in my book. I would like to also include in my dedication, all those children who have lost their lives or are suffering because of mankind’s intolerance to fellow humans.

It is okay to have different beliefs. We don’t need to fight and argue because of it. We are all the product of one Creator, who clearly does not approve of the senseless animosity toward other members of the human family.

We owe it to our children to stop the stupidity and allow them to enjoy the good things this life has to offer, such as a peaceful and loving environment.

In time, everyone will recognise the futility of war and conflict. Education is the key. It is incumbent on the citizens of the world, regardless of their status or position, to acknowledge the vital importance of focusing on those things that unite rather than divide us, and secure a safer future for our children.

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