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I am thrilled to announce that ‘Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle’ has now been translated into Chinese. An e-book version of this will be released soon. If you’d like to order it now, we will email you with a coupon code to enable you to download it for free as soon as it is released.

To celebrate the launch, we are giving away free e-books of the Chinese version to the first 500 people to apply.

But wait… there’s more! Right now, the first 500 people to apply for an English version of the e-book will also receive it free.

That’s 1000 free e-books… why?

The reason I am giving away so many free books is that I really want people to read this book, because it has the potential of making the world a better place. The moral and social fabric of the world is disintegrating at an increasing rate, and without a remedy being applied, the world is in danger of a global disaster, the like of which the world has never experienced. The world’s politicians are powerless to resolve the problems, because they all put national interests ahead of global interests, and any remedies they try to apply lack the spiritual base necessary for the success of their endeavours. Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle contains the recipe for a desperately needed cure.

That is why it is essential for as many people as possible to read Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle’. I want to see Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle used as a textbook in schools and universities, so that students can get an appreciation of the potential unity of the human race, when all the man-made veils are stripped away, and the oneness of God and religion becomes evident.

Please note that shipping worldwide is free, but a NZ$2.00 handling charge will apply to each order of the printed copies

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It is the ultimate love story!

…as someone who has read the book describes it

Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle