On page 45 of my book, in the chapter ‘Prophecy and Fulfilment’, I mention the fact that there was great expectation around the middle of the nineteenth century regarding the prophecies contained in the Holy Bible and The Holy Qur’an.

I feel it is important to provide some supporting evidence of this. In his book ‘Thief in the Night’, William Sears went into a great amount of detail regarding this as a result of his very thorough investigations about the events of this period. So rather than repeating his findings, I thoroughly recommend readers who are interested in religious prophecy to read William Sears’ book. It is a most enjoyable book to read, and provides compelling evidence of fervour and anticipation of a huge number of well-educated people of that time. The book is available through Amazon at the following website:


Williams Sears wrote a number of excellent books, all of which I thoroughly recommend. ‘Wine of Astonishment’ and ‘God Loved Laughter’ are a couple of my favourites.