Terms & Conditions

Best Business Links Ltd, trading as ‘Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle’ and hereafter referred to by that name, advises that the following Terms and Conditions will apply to all orders.


New Zealand orders

For standard deliveries within New Zealand please allow 1 – 3 working days.

International orders

For deliveries outside of New Zealand please allow 4 – 10 working days

All book prices are in New Zealand dollars.

For sales within New Zealand the price charged includes GST.

For all international orders the equivalent of the GST content of the price is used to offset the additional freight costs, enabling us to only charge a nominal fee of NZD$2.00 per order to cover handling and packaging.


If parcels are incorrectly addressed by COMPLETING THE JIGSAW PUZZLE we accept responsibility for the re-delivery, replacement, or refunding of the product at no additional charge. If parcels are incorrectly addressed by the customer, COMPLETING THE JIGSAW PUZZLE will not refund or resend the product; all responsibility for correcting the delivery will be borne by the customer.


All measures are taken to ensure that products are not damaged in transit. However, as things don’t always go to plan, if a book is damaged upon arrival COMPLETING THE JIGSAW PUZZLE will accept the return. To return a product please email [email protected] and quote your order number and the reason for the return. A replacement book will be sent to you as quickly as possible. You do not need to send the book back, but you must contact us within three days of receiving the damaged product.


Refunds will be given at the discretion of COMPLETING THE JIGSAW PUZZLE management.


For those sufficiently diligent in reading these Terms & Conditions, you will be pleased to know that if your use Coupon Number 1844 when purchasing the book, a 20% discount will be applied to the price of the book. Coupons can only be used at the time of purchasing, and no refunds will be applied if the Coupon number is not applied at the time of purchasing.


The information on this website is provided for general information only. COMPLETING THE JIGSAW PUZZLE has provided this information for the benefit of users in good faith and with reasonable care. Errors and omissions in this information may occur including through negligence.

Accordingly, COMPLETING THE JIGSAW PUZZLE does not accept any liability for loss or damage which may directly or indirectly result from any opinion, information, advice, representation or omission contained on this website.

Terms last updated: August 2018.