‘The elephant in the room’. Oh, how I love that expression! It so appropriately describes where a situation or solution is so clear yet relatively few people can see it.

But maybe we shouldn’t be so judgemental. We may all have a different elephant, and while my elephant may look like an elephant to me, there could well be reasons why it may not be an elephant to you.

It could also be a timing thing. Maybe not everyone is ready to see the elephant. Our own elephant is an elephant because of our own thought processes which have led us to what we see as an obvious truth. However, others have not gone through the same experiences as we have, and therefore the elephant is not so obvious.

However, I think the reason that many can’t see the elephant is that they enter the room with blinkers on. The blinkers prevent them from seeing the trunk or the tail, and so it just becomes a grey mass, and they leave the room saying ‘What elephant?’ It’s often all about opening one’s mind; putting aside those pre-conceived ideas; put yourself in the other person’s position; thinking outside the box.  Take off the blinkers, and the other person’s elephant may become more obvious.

My elephant is ‘progressive revelation’, and that is why it is the main focus of my book, Completing the Jigsaw Puzzle. The concept of ‘one God’, and therefore only ‘one religion’ which has been revealed to mankind via a series of prophets or messengers throughout history, makes a lot of sense to me. But in order for it to make sense I had to disregard the misinformation that I had been fed, and the resulting prejudices. This enabled me to view all religions with an open mind, and not only recognise the similarity of their teachings, but also appreciate the reasons why there may be some differences, particularly in the social teachings of each religion, as they were directed at people living at different regions at different times in the evolutionary process, and therefore in vastly different circumstances. But there is only one God, and He is not in competition with Himself or anyone or anything else.

However, I consider myself very fortunate, because in fact I have two elephants. My other one is the ‘Revelation of Baha’u’llah’. The study of Baha’u’llah’s claims, and His teachings leave me in no doubt that He is the latest messenger from God, that His coming fulfills the prophecies of all the messengers of the past, and that it is through His teachings that mankind will witness the type of changes that so many people crave for, but for which they have almost, if not completely, given up hope. We have already seen some big changes happening, which are helping to unite mankind. Few people recognise the source of the principles that are bringing about these changes, but we can be confident that these positive changes will accentuate, as the old world order crumbles. These dual processes were foretold so clearly by Baha’u’llah in so many of his writings, so we can take a huge amount of comfort from the fact that God’s plan is unfolding before our eyes, and that mankind can look forward to a glorious future.